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Serving up authentic Italian cuisine, craft cocktails, and wine imported from Italy.

The goal of Italian Village has always been to give our guests an authentic Italian experience. That’s why we’ve imported Italian recipes,  ingredients and even our Italian head chef. 


Authentic Italian cuisine, however, is about more than recipes. It’s a style of cooking that focuses on simplicity, freshness and maximizing the natural flavors of our main ingredients. It’s about harmony over abundance, fewer ingredients
over more cheese. And it’s something that will
be evident in each savory bite of our made-from-scratch meals, from the freshly made pastas and risotto to fresh seafood to wood-oven pizzas. 


And since your overall dining experience is just as important as the food, we’ve imported some Italian culture, as well. The cobblestone flooring brings you closer to Italy with each step you
take towards your table. The patio will remind you of a charming sidewalk café. And the
service – undeniably Italian – is warm,
friendly and never rushed. 

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